Peace of heart


After working like a machine for 5 days, there comes beautiful Saturdays and Sundays. We do, whatever is required to regain the energy which has been exhausted through out the week. Parties, clubs, night outs etc, we try everything to get that ‘peace of mind’ which we think will work as fuel for the upcoming week. It’s been a pattern from a long time, we work hard for whole week and then we fuel ourselves up to stabilize our state of mind and to get ready for next week.

‘Peace of mind’ is the thing we all go after, ever tried chasing ‘peace of heart’. A complicated, non familiar term, right?? Yes it is, just came up with it 🙂 . But this is the one thing we always skip, an important part of life that we don’t realize. We must do something to make our soul, our heart happy along with the fun and enjoyment. It gives us the long lasting happiness, the ultimate goal of our life. How does it feel when you help someone in need? It feels great, right? That feeling i am talking about, the feeling that fills your heart with joy and happiness. Join our hands to help millions of lives who actually needs you.


  Author -Chetan Raj



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